“He’s a changed man”: How This 100% Drug-free Device Is Helping My Sister’s Husband Breathe More Freely

"My sister’s husband struggled with unproductive coughing and thick mucus for YEARS. But you know how husbands can be… and he refused to take meds for it. Then one day I discovered this tiny (and 100% drug-free) device on the Internet. And against all our doubts, it has literally changed my sister’s (and her husband’s) lives for the better…"

Ever seen a cat hock up a hairball?

Gross, right?

Well, I’m not going to go deep into the details, but that’s exactly what it was like every morning for my sister’s husband.

For some reason the poor man has unusually thick mucus. Meaning even though things are normal during the day… overnight it builds up and up and up in his airways.

So that as soon as he sits up in bed in the morning, his whole body crumples over, wheezing and gagging (just like a cat…) to try and clear it out so he can actually breathe.

My sister is so unnerved by it. Because it almost sounds like he’s choking.

And it takes him what feels like forever to actually clear it out before he can take a deep breath of fresh air…

But there wasn’t anything conventional he could do about it

As he didn’t have allergies or an underlying medical condition, his doctor didn’t want him to put him on prescription drugs for it.

(Which is not such a bad thing. Because who wants to pump their body full of meds when they don’t need to?)

But at the same time… it was tough.

Tough for my sister’s husband (who spends a good 10-15 minutes every single morning struggling to clear his airways).

And tough for my sister. Who woke up in a panic every single morning, listening to him gasp for air — thinking her husband was just one dry cough away from choking...

And she’d tried everything. She’d tried pounding on his back and massaging it to help release the mucus.

They tried flushing out his nose with salt water. Which helped, a little, but was always really messy (and sometimes the salt water would get sucked up into his sinuses, which you can imagine how awful that feels…)

They even tried steaming his airways before going to sleep, holding his head over a bowl of hot water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in it.

But the strong smell of the oil made him gag just as much as his mucus did the morning after…

My sister was literally at her wit’s end.

He’d suffered — and she’d suffered — long enough.

So after she called me one day in tears, I decided to take matters into my own hands and see if there was something that could help him.

And that’s when I saw it.

It was a curious little device shaped like an inhaler

In fact, I thought it actually was an inhaler.

And almost skipped right past it in the search engine results. Until I read it’s name one more time: AirPhysio.

Curious, I clicked on it.

And what I discovered just blew me away.

The AirPhysio is what’s called an OPEP, a Mucus Clearance Oscillating Positive Expiratory device.

Which in plain English, means: it helps your body naturally get rid of thick mucus.

Oh, and it’s 100% natural and drug-free.
Meaning, no matter what breathing condition someone might suffer from (chronic, seasonal, or even just a bad case of the common cold), the AirPhysio could help them.

And as I started reading more deeply into it, the more I realized that THIS could be exactly what my sister and her husband needed.

Because (and get this): it wouldn’t just help him clean his airways of mucus faster.

But over time it would actually help him strengthen his lungs and airways.

Meaning no more hacking.

No more dry coughing.

No more choking.

And he could feel it working in seconds.

Paul O’Brien, inventor of the AirPhysio, talking about it on a nationwide morning TV show

A patented1, award-winning device, the AirPhysio was invented by Australian entrepreneur Paul O’Brien to help those with respiratory problems breathe more freely with less medication.

The science behind AirPhysio is backed by hundreds of studies and comes highly recommended by doctors and pulmonologists from all over the world to help those suffering from conditions like:

  • Asthma
  • Atelectasis
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Emphysema
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • The common cold
  • The flu, and flu-like illnesses
  • And more

And the AirPhysio works not just because it helps people quickly and naturally get rid of thick, sticky mucus.

But because the AirPhysio actually helps them strengthen their lungs and airways so they can get rid of it more easily (even without the AirPhysio!).

In fact, the lung power the AirPhysio helps people develop is so impressive, some professional athletes have started using it to help them get a more competitive edge!

And the best part is, it’s ridiculously easy to use.

Here’s how the AirPhysio works

Step 1: Uncap your AirPhysio (it’s the same size and shape of a regular inhaler but weighs less) and take a deep breath

Step 2: Blow into it for about 3-5 seconds at an even pace until your lungs are empty of air

When you do this, the ball bearing inside the AirPhysio vibrates up and down at incredible speed — creating thousands of tiny air vibrations and positive pressure which “shake loose” thick mucus inside your airways and lungs.

And shortly after... your body is able to cough productively and expel the built-up mucus that would block your airways and keep you from breathing!

The arrows show the flow of air that is blocked by the mucus. The healthy, clear airway lets in much more air.

And because it’s natural, you can repeat this process as many times as you need to get rid of even stubbornly thick layers of mucus.

Allowing you to finally breathe without wheezing, gasping for air, or dry coughing!

I knew I had to get it for them. I had to see if it would help

Not only is the science behind AirPhysio backed by multiple medical and scientific studies2

...but it’s proven to work. By people who have bought it, use it, and are thrilled with it!

Over 60,000 AirPhysios have been sold in over 15 countries. And thousands of people have left glowing reviews on Amazon (with an average rating of 4.2 stars).

All in all? It was clear that this was more than a good choice.

So I took a deep breath and bought one for him.

After all, it was drug-free, lasts a lifetime, and cost less than a hundred bucks. 

And to top it off, it came with a no-brainer 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So even if it didn’t work out I could always get my money back.

I filled in my sister’s address for shipment and confirmed my order. But I decided not to tell her anything and just wait.

But I didn’t have to wait long…

After a couple of weeks, I got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize

It was my sister’s husband. And his voice was faint from emotion.

“I just wanted to call and say thank you… you have no idea how much this has helped me…”

Turns out, my sister had guessed who’d sent them their AirPhysio (after all, I’d just spoken with her on the phone about it).

But rather than call me up first, they decided to try it out.

And to their surprise, it worked even better than they’d imagined.

“It’s like magic,” he said to me, “I just breathe into it and in seconds I can feel it working! I’ve been using it every single day now and it’s helping me clear out my mucus crazy fast. It’s never been this easy for me to breathe.

“And,” he continued, “I almost didn’t believe it at first, but I’m now able to breathe easily and clearly for the first time in years .

It’s just incredible. I can go for a long walk or run up a flight of stairs without feeling like I’m choking for air.

I’m breathing more freely now. And it’s all thanks to you — and this wonderful device!”

He hit a breathing score of 650 on his peak flow meter which he’s super happy about!

Get your own AirPhysio device today

So if you or someone you know suffers from thick mucus… whether they’re a kid ages 4 and up, a teenager, adult, or grandparent... or if they have a chronic respiratory condition where they struggle to breathe because of constant, sticky mucus…

Then I highly recommend you try this.

Because if my sister’s story is anything to go by… it really is life-changing.

Here’s how to order your very own AirPhysio:

  1. Click this link here or the button below to go to the website
  2. Choose the AirPhysio package that makes sense for you (note the 30-day satisfaction guarantee)
  3. Receive your AirPhysio and enjoy breathing more easily and freely as soon as you use it

Click the button below to check out AirPhysio availability in your area right now

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